paintings are priced from $1,800.00 to $3,500.00

tugboat graveyard
awaiting barges
kill van kull
out of business
deserted station
blue barn
dairy farm
bethlehem steel remnants
industrial dimension one
industrial dimension two
industrial dimension three
industrial dimension four
industrial dimension five
industrial dimension six
dimensional factory one
dimensional factory two
dimensional factory three
camouflage factory one
camouflage factory two
camouflage factory three
camouflage auto one
camouflage auto two
camouflage auto three
heaven on earth farms
factory smoke
water tower & steel
air sailing
dimensional auto one
dimensional auto two
dimensional trolleys
gas station
dimensional intersection
last stop
lucy's world
ben's world
industrial landscape
roadside home
main street
farm house
last stop before border
unattended station
america once traveled
industrial landscape two
industrial landscape three
industrial landscape four
starship tesla
starman's wild ride
space x ... "I have a problem"